Royal Stone® solid surface is an inert, non-porous, homogenous blend of UV inhibited polyester-acrylic resin, and randomly dispersed polyester-acrylic and natural minerals as fillers. Combined in exacting proportions, they create a solid surfacing material that has the appearance and ruggedness of natural stone. Unlike natural stone, Royal Stone® can be cast into a limitless variety of one-piece three dimensional shapes including shower pans and sinks, as well as sheets.

What is solid surface?
Solid surface* is the generic term that describes Royal Stone's products. With respect to shower pans, it is far superior to other materials like cultured marble, fiberglass, acrylic (not to be confused with acrylic solid surface) and tile that are generally found in showers. A description of the features and benefits of our pans is found on our web site at Although it doesn't directly compare features and benefits to the other materials, it should give you a good understanding of what solid surface offers.

*When comparing, beware of products calling themselves solid surface! True solid surface is a homogeneous material made in a vacuum to eliminate voids and trapped gasses. It is 100% repairable should chipping or cracking ever take place. It is hygienically safe, in that it is non-porous and does not support the growth of mold or mildew. Unlike cultured marble manufacturing techniques, true solid surface uses the highest quality resins available (also the highest cost) and doesn't have a gel-coated surface. Typically, gel-coated products are not repairable and will yellow, even in the box before exposure to ultraviolet light. The resulting products have the solid surface look, but do not have the strength, reparability, and long-term durability that true solid surface offers. These products are found by many different names, including cultured granite. One manufacturer includes chopped fiberglass in its matrix to increase strength, making their product a thin-walled hybrid.

Fabricated solid surface shower pans verses Royal Stone's cast one-piece solid surface shower pans. There are several things to conside when compareing fabricated verses Royal Stone's cast one-piece construction. Corian and most of the other solid surface manufacturers only manufacture 30" wide sheets and most of the time the sheet is 1/2" thick. Thus, with any shower pan fabricated from solid surface sheet goods and wider than 30", the pan's floor will have a seam. Additionally, with fabricated pans there are no areas of the pan where the wall thickness is greater than 1/2".

Also the fabricated pan's sloped floor is thermally formed. If the side walls and curb (threshold) of the pan are an integral part of the floor material, the thermal forming of the vertical material will cause the wall thickness to thin when stretched. The amount of thinning is dependant on the draft angle of the side and its vertical draw. Thermal forming may introduce stresses into the material and possibly make the material brittle. All of these conditions may contribute to a shorter pan life compared to our cast shower pans.

An alternative to thermal forming the fabricated pan's side walls and curb is to bond them to the pan floor. Although seams are strong, installers have reported pan failures at fabricated seams. Finally, the bottom of the thermal formed or bonded fabricated pan has to be supported in some fashion. The support is either created by the fabricator or by the installer. If it is done by the fabricator, using solid surface material, there will be stress points between the pan floor and support elements. These could cause cracking and failure. If the support structure is created by the installer, installation time and cost will increase.

Acrylic shower pans verses solid surface shower pans have very different physical characteristics. Although it is true that the resin in acrylic and 100% acrylic solid surface products are the same, the ATH (alumina-tri-hydrate) in solid surface makes the two perform very differently. Royal Stone's formulation is an acrylic-polyester blend of resins. This blend enhances the chemical resistance of the finished product without diminishing any of the other characteristics of all solid surface brands, including Royal Stone®. This chemical resistance difference has a profound affect on the choice of cleaning chemicals used. Many commercial cleaners are NOT recommended for use with acrylic pans as they can cause cracking. Acrylic pans are thermal formed. The thermal forming process heats and stretches the sheet material to form the three dimensional pan. This stretching and deformation of the sheet thins out the wall thickness of the material in spots and ads stresses to the sheet in the process. None of these changes occur in Royal Stone's casting process.

Finally, compare the wall thickness and structural support system of Royal Stone's pans to other pans in the market. Hands down, Royal Stone® pans are heavier and stronger than all the other pans currently in the market. They are engineered to feel solid and not flex, even under extreme loading. The structural integrity and strength of the pan's ledge is designed to support all wall surround systems (including tile, solid surface, glass block, and stone).

The ease of fabrication allows for a virtually limitless array of applications for Royal Stone® solid surface products. Conventional applications for commercial, residential, food service, hospitals, hotel & motels, laboratory, military, and health care environments include: showers, shower and tub wall surrounds, countertops, sinks, furniture, architectural signage, molding, windowsills, and more.

Royal Stone's Ready-To-Install products are sold directly to end users as well as wholesale to the construction trade. The simplicity and ease of installation of our ready-to-install pans and wall kits has allowed us to sell directly to do-it-yourselfers. Although we have sold our products through dealers, we have found that by offering product direct from Royal Stone® makes them more affordable to the user. We do ship product all over the country as well as into Canada, Mexico, and overseas.

We inventory 17 standard sized pans. They are: 34" x 34", 34" x 42", 36" x 36", 42" x 42", 48" x 36", 54" x 36", 60" x 34", 60" x 36", 60" x 40, and 60" x 48", all with a single threshold and center drain. Also available is a 60" x 30" single threshold pan with either a right or left drain, a 36" x 36" double threshold center drain and 36" x 36", 42" x 42", and 48" x 48" neo-angle with offset drain. Additionally, we have a 60" x 36" barrier free, ADA compliant pan. Custom pans are also available.

Wall kits are available for all standard and custom shower pans. The standard shower panels are 72", 84" or 96" tall and the standard tub panels are 24" or 60" tall. Other size panels are also available. Panels are available in a wide selection of colors. Panels for limited quantity applications are 1/2" thick. Commercial quantity applications use 1/4" thick panels.

Class 1 Flammability Rating: All Royal Stone® solid surface products, when ignited are self extinguishing, and will suppress smoke generation and have a Class 1 Flammability Rating.

Royal Stone® is a chemically inert, hypoallergenic, non-porous, nontoxic material that will not support the growth of fungi, mildew and bacteria. Thus, Royal Stone® is ideally suited for environmental applications requiring sanitary conditions, for example; showers, food service areas, hospitals, health care facilities, public spaces, doctors offices, etc. Royal Stone® meets or exceeds the National Sanitation Foundation's Standard 51 for plastic materials used in food preparation equipment.

Cleaning, Maintenance, & Repair:
General cleaning of Royal Stone® can be done with soap and water, ammonia based liquid cleaners (glass cleaner), and most conventional nonabrasive household or industrial cleaners. Surface scratches, dents and superficial burns as well as stubborn stains from cigarette burns, dyes, marking pens, etc. can easily be removed.

All Royal Stone® shower pans sheet goods carry a 10 year written warranty on interior residential and commercial applications when properly fabricated and installed.

Technical Support and Services:
Contact Royal Stone® Industries, Inc., by Telephone, e-mail or US Post Mail for all technical support and services. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday, (holidays excepted).

Tensile Strength @ Max Load
Tensile Modulus
Flexural Strength
Flexuaral Modulus
Compression Strength @ Yield
Compression Modulus
Elongation @ Break
Linear Thermal Expansion
Heat Deflection Temp @ 264 psi
Specific Gravity
Abrasive Resistance @
1,000 cycles, grams
Water Absorption (2 hrs @ 100°C)
Izod Impact
Impact Resistance (1/2lb. Ball)
High Temperature Resistance
Boiling Water Resistance
Stain Resistance
Flame Spread Classification
Weight (1/2" thick)
5,000 psi
2.75 x 10 psi
8,000 psi
1.2 x10 psi
1.72 x10 psi
5.6x10 psi
1.8x10 psin/in/°F
1.6 - 1.7

1.03 foot lbf/in
No Fracture
No Effect
No Effect
4.3 lbs./sq.ft.
ANSI Z124.4 &